The Artist

Robert Andes has a BFA with a focus in art and art history from Oklahoma State University. and an MFA from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

All images copyright Robert Andes. All rights reserved. 

The traditions of figurative work remain important in art to the present, and I have enjoyed learning and using processes and techniques used by painters in the past. My intent is to create a modern painting that is visually pleasing and captures people and their emotions through color, line, and composition.

The psychological content in my work is subtle.   I am interested in introspection, and I seek to convey a sense of silent contemplation.  The colors are saturated, which is in contrast to the mood of the subject creating a sort of disconnect, but coexisting, nonetheless, in a harmonious way.

Recently, I have been experimenting with the use of color and brush work to produce a reaction in the viewer. This reaction may be instinctual, or based on an individual’s likes or dislikes; it's a natural reaction that conveys feelings without words.